how do we make pure tasmanian sea salt?

From the sea to La Salière

Sunshine and pristine Tasmanian seawater are the two key ingredients which make up La Salière’s 100% pure Tasmanian sea salt. In fact, Tasmanian seawater is among the purest in the world, second only to the Black Sea in Russia. While the process of salt making is centuries old, modern technology allows us to hand make our salt in the most natural way possible, using solar energy to evaporate the fresh water and revealing the delicate salt flakes. Essentially, we harness the integrity of the salt in its most natural form.

The use of innovative technology to increase the rate of evaporation allows us to produce varying flavours of salt which can be tailored to suit individual requirements or personal taste if needed - Fleur de Sel or flakes for finishing, crystals for cooking or perhaps a heavier salt for your grinder. 

How to make sea salt, Tasmania
100% pure Tasmanian sea salt flakes
Tam O'shanter, North East Tasmania