The Story of La Salière tasmanian sea salt.


A Frenchman and a bucket of “Eau de Mer”

A small seaside town, a passionate French foodie, a free-spirited Tasmanian and a bucket of seawater scooped from the pristine, wild waters of North East Tasmania, that’s La Salière! The inspiration to harvest 100% unprocessed and pure sea salt produced from the crystal clear water in their very own Tam O’Shanter backyard was all it took for founders Jean-Luc and Alison Curtis-Godillon to take that very first scoop from the sea. The result was pure, fluffy, sea salt flakes, delicate on even the most discerning palate.


In the raw.

Born from a passion for all that is unprocessed and pure. You won’t find a whole lot in La Salière’s 100% pure Tasmanian sea salt - and that’s the way it should be! That is, of course, apart from the naturally occuring essential minerals harnessed within the salt, just the way nature intended. It’s pure and unrefined with a soft flavour developed by an innovative evaporation process powered by the sun. Use to sprinkle, enrich or cure.


Where can you find us?

Pure Tasmanian sea salt by La Saliere