Who is La Salière?

Meet the salt shaker makers

Founders of La Saliere at Bryher Cafe Launceston

A French foodie. A free-spirited Tasmanian. 10 years of love.

Jean-Luc was born in a small town in the Poitou Charente region of France.  He moved to Paris to attend uni studying environmental engineering.  After graduating and working for several years he moved to Australia.  Jean-Luc worked in many countries, and has travelled extensively, although he has been based in Australia.  

His passion for food came from a young age.  He was taught by his grandmother to imagine the flavours when creating a dish.  He draws on influences from his travels in his cooking, and is fanatical about fresh, unprocessed food.  He feels unprocessed food is the main ingredient to a long and healthy life.

Alison was born in Tasmania. Her mother was from Queensland, both parents loved to travel, and encouraged Alison to do so as well.  The family had a small hobby farm, and she spent early life horse riding and painting (a passion).  Her father was a keen gardener, and nothing was more satisfying than sitting down to a meal with all the ingredients grown on their farm. Alison studied and worked in various fields (administration, accommodation industry, house flips, CAD drafting, interior design, jewellery) - whichever direction the wind blew her!


The salt shaker?

Just how did the name La Salière come to be? Meaning “the salt shaker”, La Salière is fluent-in-French-Jean-Luc’s pride and joy! Because why say it in English when you an say it in French? (Alison says it’s possible he forgets that we are not all fluent in French…!)

Lulworth, on the coast of North East Tasmania
Harvested Tasmanian sea salt flakes